Safe, Reliable, Cost-effective, Superior Energy Storage, High Temperature Operation, Nanotechnology Integration. Caleb’s batteries do not require a metal casing to squeeze the electrodes together, so they can be up to 20% lighter than Li-ion batteries, much more flexible, and they can be as thin as a credit card.


  • Simple, cost-effective, and reliable method of fabrication that can be fully automated.
  • High ionic conductivity; low interfacial impedance due to direct deposition onto the electrode surface and the self adherence to it.
  • Insulating properties; solid state format; intrinsic safety.
  • Extended operation at higher temperatures than Lithium-ion liquid electrolyte systems.
  • Proprietary materials and processes alleviate overheating hazards, lengthy manufacturing processes, and high cost.
  • Existing Lithium-ion battery manufacturing plants can be retrofitted to incorporate Caleb’s LinPolyTM process.
  • Wide range of applications: Transportation, Grid Energy Storage, Consumer Electronics, Communications and Space, Defense, Emergency Care, and other applications.


caleb-lithium-ion-battery-manufacturing-process-steps           caleb-lithium-ion-polymer-battery-manufacturing-cost           caleb-lithium-ion-polymer-battery-yield