Caleb’s technology allows safe batteries, supercapacitors, and power systems design for a wide range of applications:


battery-Hybrid-and-Electric-VehiclesHybrid and Electric Vehicles became the driving force in the auto market. Caleb’s proprietary LinPolyTM technology enables the next generation of “green vehicles” by providing a flexible battery design that utilizes efficiently the body of the electric vehicle. Our safe Fabric Battery could be built-in the vehicle’s body making this approach very attractive for Hybrid and Electric Trucks and Buses, and Commercial Aircraft (More Electric Aircraft Systems program) as well. In both civil and military aircraft, batteries provide power to Emergency Distress Beacons and Lighting, Ventilation, Hydraulic, and Back-up systems. Next generation of High-speed Trains might benefit also from our technology together with the asset-tracking systems that allow rail companies to manage their resources.

Grid Energy Storage

grid energy storageGrid energy storage is a collection of methods used to store electrical energy on a large scale within an electrical power grid. Electrical energy is stored during times when production (especially from intermittent power plants such as renewable electricity sources such as wind power, tidal power, solar power) exceeds consumption, and returned to the grid when production falls below consumption.

Consumer Electronics

battery-Consumer-ElectronicsA huge commercial market would be the upcoming Wearable Electronics. Caleb’s Fabric Battery could be embedded into clothes to power gadgets which become more power-hungry and are in tremendous need for a safe battery. Other consumer electronics markets include: Notebook and Netbook Computers, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Power Tools, Camcorders, PDAs, Electronic Toys, Hovercrafts, iPods, iPads, MP3 Players, Portable CD and DVD Players, Gaming Platforms, Portable Internet Appliances, Natural Energy Storage, Microelectromechanical Machines, Smartcards, Battery-assisted RFID (radio-frequency identification) Tags, Real-Time Clock Backup Batteries, Personal Alarms, GPS Devices, Portable WiFi, Radios, Test Instruments, Grid Management Systems.

Communications and Space

battery-Communications-and-SpaceCommunication Satellites and Equipment for civil space programs like Scientific Missions (NASA), for military missions, and for commercial sector to provide communications and allow distribution of television, radio, and other media, Robotics, Surveillance and Deterrent Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Low-orbit, Geosynchronous-orbit and Planetary Spacecraft for Communications, Remote Sensing, Satellite-based Transportation Management Systems for Public Transit Agencies and Private Vehicle Fleet Operators, Data Collection Equipment, Pico- and Microsatellites that Orbit Earth, Weather Satellites, Space Vehicles, Launch Vehicles (Power Supply for the Control of Actuators by Electric Motors or Electrically Driven Pumps and for the Main Electric Equipment), Flight Termination Batteries, Exploration Landers and Rovers, Manned or Unmanned Orbiters, Robotic Spacecraft (Probes), Wireless Payment Appliances.


battery-millitary-applicationsBattery power can be a crucial factor in the success of a defense mission. Batteries are critical for most of military operations and have to withstand extreme environments and temperatures. Today’s mobile armed forces demand autonomous and reliable power for Electronic Battlefield Personal Equipment like Warfighter Vests and Night Vision Devices. Other military applications include: Missile Defense Systems, Military Aircraft, Flight-critical Computers, Ground Support, Communications, Thermal Imaging, Surveillance, Targeting, Chemical Detection, Search & Rescue, Undersea Mines, Weapons Systems, Humvees, Power Sources for Silent Watch, Emergency Power Supplies, Survivor Locator Lights, Lifejacket Lights, Unmanned Ground, Sea, and Air Vehicles, Missiles and Torpedoes, Reconnaissance and Mapping Satellites, Tactical Vehicles, Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), Complex Strategic Defense Installations.

Emergency Care

battery-Emergency-Care-equipmentEmergency and Trauma Care Equipment, Chemical Detection Equipment, Cochlear Implants, Hearing Aids, Ion Mobility Spectroscopy, Spinal Cord Stimulator, Glucose Sensors, Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices, Chemical Agent Monitor, Advanced Portable Detector, Infrared Radiation Detection, Trans-dermal Drug Delivery, Implantable and Other Medical Devices, Automatic Insulin Pumps, Wearable Health Monitoring Systems, X-ray Machines, Diagnostic Equipment, Respirators, Injection and Infusion Pumps, Portable EKG and Ultrasound Equipment, Portable Defibrillators.

Other Applications

battery-Other-ApplicationsRadio Controlled Toys and Equipment, Bikes, Scooters, Lawn Mowers, Electric Wheelchairs, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Systems, Advanced Electronic Products, Ultralight Photo and Video Systems, Handheld Terminals, Smart Parking Meters, Remote Photo-Voltaic Systems with Battery Storage for Lighting, Sensors, Signaling, and Data Collection, Marine Batteries, Security-related technologies such as Keyless Entry systems, Alarms, and Remote-controlled Immobilizers that can disable a stolen vehicle, Real-time Remote Monitoring of electricity, gas, water, and other resources.