caleb-lithium-polymer-battery-elementsLinPolyTM technology allows us to produce the safest battery available today, the AdvancellTM. See how our battery is holding the charge even penetrated by nail. The red LED is lit and the voltmeter is reading 3.84V. Caleb originally developed its lithium-polymer battery for small, portable wireless applications. We invented and patented a true polymeric electrolyte system. Our lithium-polymer battery is thinner than a credit card, offers superior performance, and its high power capability, low temperature performance, high reliability, and long cycle life features are further augmented through low cost raw materials and efficient process. Understanding the benefits of Lithium-polymer technology, the company has expanded its vision to include the development and production of medium and large format batteries used in a wide range of applications.

Caleb’s LFP Starter Battery designed to replace the lead acid traditional battery for cars and trucks comes in two versions:lithium-ion-starter-battery-caleb-technology

  • LCS020 suitable for gasoline engines from 1200cc to 3000cc
  • LCS060 suitable for petrol engines up to 6000cc

By combining nanotechnology with  LinPolyTM technology, Caleb is developing NANOFaBTM, a Fabric Battery that could be tailored as a vest for the warfighters or integrated with the warfighter’s uniform for better mobility (for example incorporated within the Kevlar vest or the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment – MOLLE Vest). This fabric battery is designed to replace the 10 to 30 pounds (4.5 to 13.6 kilograms) of batteries that troops carry to power devices such as radios, laser aiming sights, GPS, night-vision goggles, and mine detectors. NANOFaBTM could be further combined with a thin-film organic solar cell and recharge when exposed to the natural or indoor light. Because of its safety characteristic, Caleb’s fabric battery could be the answer for the upcoming consumer wearable electronics and electric vehicles.


supercapacitor-carbon-nanotubes-wikipedia-swcntSupercapacitors or ultracapacitors are simple devices based on an electric double layer technology that has been understood for over a hundred years, but only available for commercial applications for about ten years. With the activated charcoal used in conventional supercapacitors, a significant fraction of the electrode surface is not available for storage. With a nanotube electrode, the spaces may be tailored to size and consequently the capacity should be increased considerably.

The SCapNANOTM supercapacitors designed by Caleb using Carbon Nanotubes and other nanomaterials could be the solution for advanced power storage devices. The electrodes used in these supercapacitors are in the development stage. The technology is expected to be scalable commercially without losing the unique and valuable properties of these nanomaterials.

Power Systems

CaleBPakTM is our battery multi-pack designed for safe use and high performance and comes in different configurations.


Caleb also designed the PowerSNanoTM system by integrating the NANOFaBTM battery with the SCapNANOTM supercapacitor. This system is in the development stage.