Lithium-ion batteries have taken over the portable electronics industry in the last few years. For every unit of energy they are lighter, cheaper, and smaller than other kinds of batteries. But there is an important safety issue in their case. Li-ion batteries use organic solvents. In situations where the structure of the battery is compromised, the solvents could ignite and vent from the pressurized battery, and eventually the final result is an explosion (click the link to view how brand name lithium-ion batteries behave during the nail penetration test). Caleb patented technology, LinPolyTM, replaces the traditional separator material with a non-flammable polymer matrix layer. This allows building high performance batteries of unprecedented safety, free of thermal management issues associated with other lithium ion technologies. Such desirable safety is a unique characteristic of Caleb‘s Li-polymer batteries and supercapacitors. Click on the images bellow to watch how Caleb’s batteries perform during nail penetration and compression tests:


Caleb’s Battery during Nail Penetration Test


Caleb’s Battery during Compression Test

Caleb’s LinPolyTM manufacturing process yields safe, high quality, high reliability, low cost cells in virtually any shape or size to meet individual application requirements.

With in-house capability to design and produce prototypes for numerous battery sizes and form factors, Caleb’s small-volume production line will allow the company to effectively serve the development needs of product designers and engineers interested in novel battery technologies.

Caleb’s LinPolyTM process is also adaptable to the existing production lines. Present liquid lithium-ion or lithium-polymer manufacturing plants can be retrofitted to incorporate Caleb’s technology.

Caleb’s development work has also been focused on high voltage cathode and silicon-based anode materials. The integration of such advanced electrode materials into LinPolyTM technology yields advanced batteries with high energy and high performance.